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Harrison, Taylor

Taylor Romigh Harrison

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Taylor Harrison handles a variety of matters for nonprofit organization clients and, specifically, has extensive experience advising on corporate governance and tax exemption issues. She regularly advises clients on exemption requirements, unrelated business income tax, employment-related matters, private foundation rules, joint venture issues, tax related aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate and non-corporate restructuring, impact investing, and compliance issues.

Team Leaders

Our team helps nonprofits with their most critical strategic, administrative and development challenges. Led by Andrew Grumet and Nicole Ribeiro, we have diverse expertise on business and legal matters regularly faced by nonprofit organizations.

Coordinators and Administrators

Donor services coordinators, philanthropic services coordinators, and fund administrators are at the core of our day-to-day operations, ensuring that we can ably meet the needs of each organization we support. Each of these individuals plays an important role in facilitating different aspects of charitable giving and foundation management.

Bree Dyer
Senior Donor Services Coordinator
Kaley Jacobs
Donor Services Coordinator
Erin McMullen
Philanthropic Services Coordinator
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Donor-Advised Fund Services
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Strategy Consulting and Alliance Development
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Gift Management Services
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Foundation Management Services
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State Regulatory Compliance
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