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Strategy Consulting and Coalition Building

You want to achieve maximum impact. Attain breakthrough results. And be a strong force for change now and in the future. We provide strategy consulting and coalition building services to help develop, hone, and support your goals. With decades of experience helping nonprofits to articulate their vision, design a plan of action and execute on it, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Our professionals offer the right balance of strategic thinking and technical skill to guide you. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to approach your most critical issues with holistic knowledge gleaned from years of working across a range of sectors. For example, when we consult on organizational strategy and impact, we rely on rigorous evidence-based approaches honed through experience in the life sciences and social sectors. And because of our on-the-ground experiences working with the financial services sector, we intimately understand the impact investment strategies available to support your vision.

Strategy Consulting

We endeavor to know your organization intimately so that we can address and plan for any challenge that may arise. We dive deeply to understand your vision and help you to articulate it. Our holistic approach ensures that your programming, funding strategies and operations align with your goals so that you are poised to thrive.

  • Defining your vision
    A successful nonprofit must have a clear and actionable vision that it can communicate to its stakeholders. Whether your organization is just getting off the ground or reevaluating its focus after many years, we’ll work with you to make sure your vision is everything you intend it to be – and uncover new ways to communicate it.
  • Scaling your impact
    You address complex, often pervasive problems. To create large-scale social change, you must employ the right tools and tactics and build strong relationships. We help you figure out how to maximize your impact and communicate your impact to your stakeholders, whether by reaching new communities, expanding your geographic reach, or building partnerships with other organizations.
  • Evaluating your effectiveness
    Does your nonprofit operate at peak efficiency? Is it effective? We bring an objective, data-based perspective to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. We partner with you to understand and assess your objectives, pinpoint the right metrics to measure success, and create a customized action plan to get results.

Coalition Building Support

Partnerships – including cross-sector collaborations – magnify impact. When you join forces with funders, companies, governments and likeminded nonprofits, your power to address complicated problems grows exponentially. Our team has helped many organizations form strategic relationships and establish formal and informal multi-stakeholder coalitions, working across sectors as well as closely with policymakers and government agencies. By connecting you with the right partners, we can bolster your ability to make real change.

Execute and Drive Results

Once you have a clear roadmap, we can work with you to drive results. With our foundation management services, we help you put your plans into action, designing effective tactics to meet your goals while staying connected and aligned with stakeholders. We can work with you through every step, including assisting with critical activities related to governance, program management, administration and compliance.

As part of a national law firm, we are uniquely able to advise on the full spectrum of legal issues relevant to nonprofits. With access to the resources of more than 1,200 lawyers, professionals and staff, we can provide clear, pragmatic legal advice regarding programming, organizational restructuring or other issues that may arise.