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Strategy Consulting, Evaluation, and Coalition Building

Our strategy consulting, analytics, and coalition building services allow us to bring our extensive experience and expertise in the non-profit community to bear as our non-profit clients chart their course for the future and seek to increase their impact. Core aspects of these services include:

Strategy Consulting

Our consultants assist clients with articulating their vision as well as maximizing and scaling impact. We can help you craft the vision and strategic plan for your organization as a whole, in addition to focusing in on specific aspects of your organization’s programming.


We aid clients in evaluating whether they are achieving their desired objectives and operating effectively and efficiently. By partnering with you to understand your objectives, assessing your operations and identifying metrics for measuring success, we can help you understand where your organization is excelling and where opportunities for improvement exist. Further, we can assist you in finding new ways to communicate your impact to your organization’s most important stakeholders.

Coalition Building Support

Partnerships – including cross-sector collaborations – play an important role in magnifying impact. We have deep experience in facilitating the establishment of formal and informal multi-stakeholder coalitions and strategic relationships, and can work with you to identify and form such partnerships.

Our team’s unique position within a national law firm also gives us the opportunity to see our clients’ plans through to implementation – whether this means offering you legal advice on new programming, organizational restructuring, setting up a new affiliate, or any other matter where legal counsel would be necessary.