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State Regulatory Compliance

The vast majority of states in the US have what are generally referred to as solicitation registration laws.  These laws generally provide that before a nonprofit may solicit a contribution in that state, unless an exception applies, the nonprofit must register with the state.  Our goal is to help your organization navigate the myriad requirements necessary to fundraise in each state in which solicitations are made.  State registration can be a challenging process with the required submission of numerous documents and detailed financial data. Our team helps take the complexity out of the process so that you can focus on raising funds to achieve your mission. The following is a list of services our team is prepared to offer your organization:

Fundraising Compliance Analysis

Our experienced team will work with you to perform a complete review of your current and planned fundraising activities to assist you in determining what regulatory requirements are applicable to your organization.  We will also assist you in determining how your activities might be structured to minimize the impact of the regulatory requirements.

Online Presence Analysis

We will provide you with a complete review of your online fundraising presence to help determine your organization’s level of compliance with state solicitation laws and regulations and data privacy.  We will also assist in implementing the necessary disclosures, policies and procedures required to comply with state and federal solicitation and privacy rules for fundraising and data protection.

State Registration

Offer time-efficient state registration services to comply with each state’s requirements.

Tracking Status

We will track the status of all solicitation registration filings including future due dates for reports and other filings.

Notifications and Reports

Provide advance notification to you of upcoming deadlines for compliance requirements.  We will also provide you with a complete report of all state filings made and the status.