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State Regulatory Compliance

Before you launch a fundraising campaign, you must properly lay the groundwork. Is your nonprofit complying with solicitation laws? Most states in the U.S. require nonprofits to register with the states in which they seek charitable donations. Unfortunately, the registration process can be overwhelming – especially if you solicit contributions in more than one state. Step by step, our team helps your organization navigate the myriad requirements necessary to comply with the law.

Fundraising Compliance Analysis

We look at fundraising compliance from all angles. We ensure that the funds you raise are in compliance with state solicitation laws. But we also understand that complying with regulations doesn’t have to get in the way of your fundraising goals. We balance the need to minimize the impact of regulatory requirements on current and planned fundraising activities with the need to make the most out of opportunities.

Online fundraising in particular requires keeping up with ever-changing state and federal solicitation and privacy rules involving data protection. We help you implement the necessary disclosures, policies and procedures required, all with the big picture in mind.

State Registration and Tracking

Dealing with burdensome state registration filings can drain your resources. Each state has its own unique demands, requesting that filings be handled in distinct ways on specific timelines. Our efficient team gathers and organizes relevant requested documents, including in-depth financial reports. We then create draft registrations for your review, integrate your feedback and submit them on deadline.

Ongoing Monitoring to Help You Avoid Missing Deadlines

Our professionals vigilantly track your registrations from start to finish with ongoing monitoring. We also prepare you for future registrations. Don’t run the risk of missing deadlines because a hardcopy notification letter from the state got buried in your inbox. We help you stay on top of future report and filing deadlines by sending you multiple notifications in advance of them. We will also provide you with a complete report of all of your state filings made and the status.

Gift Management Services

In addition to helping you comply with state solicitation requirements, our team provides gift management services, including the administration of charitable gifts and other assets.