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Gift Management Services

Our gift management services meet the diverse needs of development and finance offices at charities nationwide. Our relationship managers are experts in all aspects of charitable gift and charitable trust administration. We work closely with all internal and external members of the charity’s team ensuring a smooth, integrated solution for the prompt and efficient administration of charitable gifts. The following is a representative list of services our team is prepared to offer:

Charitable Gift Annuity Administration

Our team will: prepare customized proposals and contracts, acknowledgement letters, funding instructions, create and maintain a database for annuitants and gift records, maintain gift information, provide reconciliation reports, track current value of assets with your financial institution(s), print and mail checks to annuitants, provide electronic funds direct deposits and provide all other functions for effectively administering your program.

Pooled Income Funds

  Our team will create and maintain all subaccounting records to track participants, coordinate with investment advisor(s) in connection with gifts, issue income distributions and performance reports.

Annual Reporting

Issue IRS Forms 1099-R/K-1 to donors, prepare state renewal registration reports, report to the Board/committees with respect to performance, and other metrics.

Charitable Trust Administration

Prepare prototype trust documents, provide custom illustrations and plans for donor cultivation, assist in plan design, coordinate with investment advisor(s), constituent reporting, legal compliance and advice.

Complex Assets

We have the ability to handle any and all complex assets (e.g., LLC interests, private equity, real estate and collectibles) on a moment’s notice; including review and analysis of due diligence and performance of work necessary to accept and dispose of such gifts. We will also advise your Board on risk management and tax issues related to these assets.


Our team will help ensure you comply with federal and state regulations, help specify the type of assets and processes that will be accepted for a gifts, establish policies and procedures for gift crediting, and other policies to help ensure that donor intent is adhered to.

Help Desk Support

Our dedicated call center, open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern, is staffed with dedicated philanthropy professionals who can assist you with your gift annuity program, pooled income fund, charitable trusts and other development needs.

Development Assistance

We can provide prospect relations support, assist with closing the gift, educate colleagues about the benefits of gift annuities, pooled income funds, and charitable trusts and other gifts.

Branding and Messaging Support

We have the ability to help our clients tell their stories in unique ways. Our professionals will provide strategic direction on and support for development of branding and messaging, and can assist with creation of marketing materials to highlight your mission and supported charities, projects and programs.