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Foundation Management Services

Managing your operations is just as essential to your success as executing your big-picture strategy. How does your foundation accomplish both? Our Professional Outsourced Philanthropic Solutions (POPS®) team can help you thrive.

We provide a comprehensive suite of foundation management and administrative services to help streamline your activities. Our diverse team of professionals and lawyers can handle issues ranging from governance to program management, monitoring and evaluation, along with administrative and compliance activities. This empowers you to direct your resources and energy to the vision and core goals of your organization.

We partner closely with you to address unique challenges and identify customized and efficient solutions. You can reach our team via our dedicated call center, as well as access an online portal that serves as a private data vault for governance documents, returns and other reports.

Our services include:


How you govern your nonprofit is vital to your long-term success. We keep the big picture in sight. We are uniquely able to advise on the full spectrum of governance and philanthropy law issues, with access to the resources of more than 1,200 lawyers, professionals and staff. We help you develop and refine overall strategy including planning, leadership and board issues, and any significant benchmark in the life cycle of your nonprofit. To complement these services, we also handle the administrative details related to governance, like coordinating and staffing board meetings.

Program Management

Our program managers and donor services coordinators provide everyday management and seamless administrative support for the programs that sustain your mission, including grant programs, scholarship programs and other types of activities. Our team offers a full array of services to support these types of programs, including conducting due diligence on grant and scholarship applicants, managing the application and review processes, and negotiating agreements. We also evaluate ongoing programs, and work with you on data-driven decision-making and reporting. And when you’ve established the scope of your impact, we can help you decide how to develop and share messages that effectively highlight your mission and value.

Administration and Compliance

Our team tackles administration and compliance tasks to save you time and resources. This includes reviewing and drafting contracts, supervising audit and tax return preparation, and handling transaction processing, recordkeeping, and financial and regulatory reporting. We also coordinate necessary filings to comply with myriad federal and state regulations, including submitting documents and detailed financial data in accordance with state regulatory compliance regarding solicitation. Further, we advise on the full suite of expenditure responsibility services to ensure funds are used for philanthropic activities. We handle all aspects of charitable gift and charitable trust administration.

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