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Donor-Advised Fund Management

We offer outsourced management of donor-advised funds (DAFs) to existing nonprofits that wish to have a DAF program or have a program that is not scalable. Our specific offerings include:


Our team assists in all matters of governance including coordinating and staffing your Board and committee meetings, reviewing all contracts, supervising audit and tax return preparation, and coordinating any necessary charitable state renewal registrations.

Complex Assets

We have the ability to handle any and all complex assets (e.g., LLC interests, private equity, real estate and collectibles) on a moment’s notice; including review and analysis of due diligence and performance of work necessary to accept and dispose of such gifts. We will also advise your Board on risk management and tax issues related to these assets.

Grant-Making Services

We have the ability to handle the full array of grant-making services, including grants to traditional public charities, as well as international grants and other types of organizations.

Donation Processing

We will work with you to implement a workflow to coordinate gift acceptance in accordance with Board adopted policies and procedures.

Online Donor Portal

A customized, user-friendly online portal allows you and your donors to engage directly with the fund, offering the ability to make grants, check fund balances, view performance, and see grant history all at the click of a button.

Help Desk Support

Our dedicated call center, open from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays, is staffed by Donor Service Coordinators who can assist you (and your donors, if desired) with accessing and navigating donor portal, account opening and funding, making grant recommendations and more.

Branding and Messaging Support

We have the ability to help our clients tell their stories in unique ways. Our professionals will provide strategic direction on and support for development of branding and messaging, and can assist with creation of marketing materials to highlight your mission and supported charities, projects and programs.


For more information, download our Donor-Advised Fund Management brochure.